Does size matter?? The answer is yes. Find out how

Does size matter?? The answer is yes. Are you going to marry someone soon or are you in love? Then do not forget to take a look at you partner's finger. Here partner means the male partner.
Since a recent research suggests that the length of your male partner would tell how good or bad the partner be in future.

The research suggests that those who have similar length for their index finger and the ring finger tend to have a good relationship with females and the male partners who have the ring finger smaller than the index finger possess very good relationship with the females.

The head of the research group said that those who have smaller ring finger than the index finger or the two fingers have almost the same size listen to the ladies very carefully, talk with a touch of smile,
able to compromise and praise the ladies. 

The study also indicates that the males who has the difference in size for these two fingers are normally quarrel prone.

The research was conducted on 155 males and females. All the participant has age between 18-54. However the length of women doesn't affect their behavior.