Does size matter?? The answer is yes. Find out how

Does size matter?? The answer is yes. Are you going to marry someone soon or are you in love? Then do not forget to take a look at you partner's finger. Here partner means the male partner.
Since a recent research suggests that the length of your male partner would tell how good or bad the partner be in future.

The research suggests that those who have similar length for their index finger and the ring finger tend to have a good relationship with females and the male partners who have the ring finger smaller than the index finger possess very good relationship with the females.

The head of the research group said that those who have smaller ring finger than the index finger or the two fingers have almost the same size listen to the ladies very carefully, talk with a touch of smile,
able to compromise and praise the ladies. 

The study also indicates that the males who has the difference in size for these two fingers are normally quarrel prone.

The research was conducted on 155 males and females. All the participant has age between 18-54. However the length of women doesn't affect their behavior.

The vulture is awaiting for the little boy to be dead.

The vulture is awaiting for the little boy to be dead. After the death of the boy the vulture will eat the boy.

This is one of the most famous pictures in the world that shook the world on release. This famous picture was taken by Kevin Carter in 1994.

This picture had made a stir around the world. However, no one knows the end of this story not even Kevin Carter. This picture has got the Pulitzer Prize award.

Photographer Pulitzer Prize killed himself three months after taking this picture. Later it was updated that he was mentally broken down soon after taking this picture and that was the reason he killed himself.

The following was found from the diary of photographer Kevin Carter.
"Dear God, I promise I will never waste my food no matter
how bad it can taste and how full i may be. I pray that
He will protect this little boy, guide and deliver him away
from his misery. I pray that we will be more sensitive
towards the world around us and not be blinded by our
own selfish nature and interests. I hope this picture will always serve as a reminder to us that how fortunate we are and that we must never ever take things for granted."

A lot of us waste food with or without reason. So it is an earnest request not to waste any food.

Please share this awareness.

Source: Collected.

Thinking of the future is usually what keeps people up at night; while thinking of the past can usually help you sleep easier

Thinking of the future is usually what keeps people up at night; while thinking of the past can usually help you sleep easier.

Falling asleep isn't always as simple as placing your head upon a pillow and shutting your eyes. Thoughts, worries and discomfort all have a way of worming their way into your mind, preventing you from falling asleep. Fortunately, there are quite a few positive things you can do to restore your ability to fall asleep with just a short time after going to bed. Some of the suggestions might require strength of purpose but since your sleep is very valuable, it's well worth the effort!

Breathing naturally slows as you fall asleep. The NightWave Sleep Assistant, £49 from, projects a soft blue light, which slowly rises and falls on the ceiling. Synchronise your breathing with the wave as it becomes slower and you should fall asleep within a seven-minute cycle.

Going over a to-do list in bed is a major cause of insomnia. Sharon Stiles says: “Often it’s because you’re frightened of forgetting what needs doing. So before bed, write your list on paper so you can forget it until next day. You could also imagine filing your thoughts in a cabinet. You’ll be calmer and more likely to sleep.” 

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