You can make it! World's Simplest Electric Train

World's Simplest Electric Train! The system is simple enough, you have a battery sandwiched between two polarized magnets running through a conductive loop of copper wire. As soon as the battery and the magnet assembly enter the copper tunnel, they complete a circuit and now you have current running throughout the coil as the battery and magnets induce an electromagnetic field. The copper coil forms a solenoid (length of the battery), the solenoid now has its own magnetic field that interacts with the magnets in the end. The resultant force pushes the top magnet and pulls the bottom magnet but since the solenoid is in between the magnets, it goes along with them throughout the loop repeating the process.

Fun fact: if you reverse the polarities of both magnets, you would make the "train" travel in an opposite direction. You could also accelerate the train by either having a higher voltage battery and or stronger magnets on the ends.

More:  China already have a train that uses magnetic energy to move it. And Guess it's also the safest! No derailments.