Life exists even after death

Life exists even after death. A team of scientist and doctors from Germany stated that their exists some
part of life even after death. The team of researcher from Technische University, Berlin also said that they came to this conclusion only after several clinical tests.

They have used “Almost dead experience” process for this test. In this mechanism a patient can be left at clinically dead situation for almost 20 minutes and then they can be brought to alive again.

For the past four years the team has tested this controversial process on 944 people. They have updated that they have used a mixture of epinephrine and dimethyltryptamine for this clinical tests. They have confirmed that the patients had experienced no damage after these tests.

The team of researcher stated the existence after life as an intermediate state between mind and body.

The people who has gone through this experiment has difference experiences. Like some has said that they have felt like they were separated from their body, other has stated that they felt like they were much safer and lighter in weight. Some has even said that they had seen a very soft ray of light.